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Movement Methods Hub (MMH) |

The Pilates Method in a broader perspective

Moving based on the principles of The Pilates Method is our core, but there is more, and we are convinced that being open to insights from other movement methods is an added value for the practice of our profession. And the other way around: For movement therapists, teachers and trainers, our expertise and insights will be an added value for the practice of their profession. This need for broadening perspectives is very much alive within the MMH.


MMH falls under the umbrella of Memento Bodyworks and is the initiatorMarjon van Grunsven. The core group of the MMH consists of: Loes Buenen, Loes Buys, Janneke van Genugten and Marjon van Grunsven.

MMH exists and has been organizing inspirational workshops and events on location since 2021, such as the 'Reset & Inspiration week in Ireland' for clients but also for Pilates Method certified trainers, dance teachers and movement therapists with knowledge of/interest in the Pilates Method.  

Target audience MMHFor those who wish to connect with like-minded people and/or professionals, and who also want to broaden and explore their own experience within this beautiful form of exercise and/or in this beautiful profession.


Trainers, therapeuten & begeleiding: Marjon van Grunsven & Loes Buenen | Trainers, therapists & guidance: Marjon van Grunsven & Loes Buenen
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