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Classical Pilates studio
Private/Duo Sessions & Teacher training/courses

Guest Teaching in Cologne for Katharina Meier| Student in Picture: Dorothee Strathman

Classical Pilates studio

Marjon offers private & duet sessions.  Both on the equipment and on the mat. The sessions take place in her studio in 's-Hertogenbosch, on location and/or online. These sessions are open to everyone.




Training/courses & floors

Since 2004, Marjon has been offering teacher training, courses and in-depth training. As a 2nd generation Classical Pilates trainer (trained by Romana Kryzanowska and certified by her in NYC since 1997), her knowledge comes almost firsthand.


What is the Pilates method?

The Pilates method is an exercise method aimed at promoting the control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone (natural tension) of the muscles, without increasing their size.  


What does the method do for you?

  • Relieves back pain and improves posture and overall balance.

  • Builds long and lean muscles.

  • Improves your physical and mental health through specific focus,  concentration and personal guidance.



Pilates practitioners use more than 500 exercises and spread them across different pieces of equipment, depending on the needs of individual body types and under the guidance of professionally trained trainers.

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This service is also regularly used by, among others, dance (professional) teachers, physiotherapists, therapists specializing in osteopathy, kinesiology, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, biodynamic psychotherapy and movement therapy.


Marjon's studio is currently located in 's-Hertogenbosch.   She also works on location throughout the Netherlands. She is also available online.

Did you know?

The method is named after Joseph H. Pilates, a German emigrant who set foot in New York in 1926. He was a gymnast and boxer. Moreover, he had new ideas about what constitutes good physical condition and how you can help people to rehabilitate  after injury. In the First World War he equipped hospital beds with all kinds of aids. This allowed patients to start their rehabilitation while lying down. This evolved into a new exercise method called Contrology. This name did not find acceptance: everyone talked about 'Pilates'.

For more information or to book a session, please contact Marjon:

+31 6 11 46 30 18

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